Experts in Retrieving Funds

Delivering Funds in a Timely Fashion

It may be hard to conceive that there are funds owed to you that have escaped your notice, but in fact, there are many situations where this can occur. That is where we come in. At FundsDueYou, we believe that people who are owed money deserve not to have it slip from their grasp. Our clients count on us to deliver their unclaimed funds in a timely fashion with clearly spelled out contractual obligations that specify just how and when the money is to be delivered.


Reasonable Fees and No Upfront Costs

There are no upfront costs for our services; we only charge a finder’s fee and a mobile notary fee on the money we are able to retrieve for our clients. We hope that we can serve you in all capacities relevant to our mutual interests.


How It Works

Starting Point: Reach Out To Us!

When you call us back and learn enough about what we do, we will arrange a time for you to meet with a licensed notary to have a couple of documents signed to facilitate the processing of your claim. We will send you a contract that states if and only if we are successful in retrieving this money for you, you will pay us.


It’s all on a contingency basis - no out of pocket expenses for you at all. We will cover all of the expense out of our own pocket until the claim has been paid out. We are only paid when we successfully make your claim. Should that claim not work out in the end, you owe us absolutely nothing.


It generally takes claims two to four weeks to successfully process depending on your state of residence, at which point your share of the claim will be promptly made available to you.



How did you locate these funds?

We regularly audit and recover unclaimed assets for consumers, banks, and financial institutions nationwide. This is what we do, and this is what we want to do for you!


How did you locate me?

Our research makes individuals and institutions known to us who have money owed to them that they have not claimed. If we have contacted you, we have identified that you are entitled to funds that you are not aware of.


Can you tell me more about how much am I owed? Where can I find this money?

The moment you sign our contingency fee agreement, we'll be pleased to discuss where your funds are located, how much you are due, and how we are going to get them back to you.


Well, why don’t I search for these funds myself?

Generally, looking for unclaimed funds in your name is like treasure hunting and chances are the funds that you find are not the ones we are contacting you about.


What makes you sure that you can find the funds that I can’t?

We specialize in locating all manners of unclaimed funds, the vast majority of which are not easily found online. It is highly unlikely that you would find these funds outside of the help of our company. We will work very hard to get you your funds, as soon as possible.


Do You Still Have Questions?

We would love to talk more about it. Give us a call at 844-727-1951 or send us an email at We are here to serve you.